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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Morocco - Congo 

Before the match: 
The paperform makes Congo complete outsiders. A news agency report yesterday said that Morocco players dismissed any worries about that game. A motivation help for their opponents who arrive with a lot of players in charge of European lower division teams (Congo had been troubled by civil wars like the big brother with the same name and club football had almost broken down). Congo is very small with roughly less than 3 Million population. 
But anyway Congo has been scaring a lot of big names during the past 4 years. Top player should be playmaker #14 Rolf-Christel Guie-Mien (Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany). 
Morocco is often mentioned as one of the title candidates and the long grown team is a strong unit. But traditionally they have more problems against African opponents than against European. So don't expect them to walk through the tournament easily even if they do not have problems today. Famous is their defender Nourredine Naybet and their strong midfiled, with Chiba, Chippo and African Footballer of the year 1998 Mustapha Hadji. But watch out for Adel Ramzi #10. The former captain of the Morocco under 20 side is a newcomer at his first adult tournament and has already be compared to a young German Lothar Matthäus. He is on the bench and may come in as substitute.

C.A.F. match stats:
MOROCCO - 12-Khalid Fouhami, 2-Abdelilah Sabre, 5-Rachid Neqrouz, 6-Noureddine Naybet, 20-Taher El Khalej (21-Rachid Benmahmoud 76), 16-Youssef Mariana, 7-Mustapha Hadji, 8-Said Chiba, 9-Abdeljilil Hadda (14-Salaheddine Bassir, 83), 13-Ahmed Bahja (10-Adil Ramzi 76), 18-Youssef Chippo 
CONGO - 1-Brice Samba, 3-Luc-Arsene Diamesso, 5-Camille Oponga, 15-Toussaint Service, 21-Jules Tchimbakala, 4-Jean- Sylvestre Nkeoua, 6-Bedel Moyimboukabeka, 8-Rock Embingou (7- Richard Bokatola-Lossombo 77), 14-Rolf-Christel Guie Mien, 11- Oscar Ewolo, 12-Macchambes Younga Mouhani (17-Modeste Eta, 84)

Scorer: Bassir 85
Cautions: Morocco: Naybet 11 - Bahja 36 - Saber 53.

Referee: Alex Quartey (GHA)
Ass. Referees: Saly Achmat (RSA), Endeng Zogo (CMR)

1st half 
-('2) Congolese keeper has already touched the ball twice 
-('3) power failure at the stadium   

power failures have occured already twice at the under 20 World Championships 1999 at Nigeria. They seem to be a special Nigerian problem as they are otherwise untypical for all other African competions I have seen yet.

-('18) match continues, I will stick to the running clock. 1st half should last about 60 minutes now
Congo starts drawn back and Morocco tries to play them out. Cheered by the crowd the outsiders abandon their timidity after some minutes and start dominate a little. Best scenes for Morocco only at two distance attempts (one is a free kick) from #16 Mariana. Marocco looks more elegant ant more dangerous anyway.
-('40) Best chance for Congo yet.
-('47) Congo: Great solo (by #14 Guie-Mien ?) excites the crowds and is stopped in the last moment. The Congolese shirtnumbers are exceptionally samall.
-('54) Congo: Another good run by #14 Guie-Mien
-('56) Congo: distance shot misses close

Halftime: 0:0 
Congo has surprised Morocco who look something in between lacklustre and intimidated although it is obvious they have bigger potential.

2nd half 
-('47) Morocco: Low Hadji shot saved
Singing, drumming, and dancing has put the players to sleep
-('60) Congo: Beautiful attack when Guie-Mien changes side and the cross-ball from the player on the left is tipped by #8 ? towrds the goal, but wide
-('61) Congo: A second dangerous attack, but the Congolese attacker fires wide
-('65) Morocco: Hadji header after corner well across the bar 
Morocco embarassingly harmless. if there are chances at all there are for Congo, who in some scenes play spectacular (especially Guie-Mien). But no clear must-score opportunities.
-('85) Morocco: A long ball into the penalty area from the left side sails beyond the right goalpost - goalkeeper gets after it but fails - Hadji heads it backwards in front of the goal - there is #14 Bassir who just came in and easily scores into the empty goal - 1:0
-('87) two minutes confusion in the Congolese defence and Morocco can almost profit
-('89) suddenly Congo is able to pressure

Final result: 1:0 
Morocco, phlegmatic, were given a victory by the only blunder of the Congolese keeper. Congo played well but did not create enough clear chances to score. Keeping the Morroccain potential scoreless had been too difficult. Most conspicious player: Rolf-Christel Guie-Mien (Congo).

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