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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Zambia - Burkina Faso  1 : 1 

Before the match 
Both lost their first match are now looking for a positive turn. Zambia has disappointed yet and is far away from dark horse form. Even hero Kalusha Bwalya had been ineffective.  But maybe the inexperienced Burkinabé side is the right opponent to score goals and gain confidence. 
Burkina Faso did not look back against Senegal, but conceded a cricial goal right in the first minutes of the match. They are able to create chances and are a talented and skilful team. Yet they have to grow experience and concentration. In the first match they played with the under 20 generation from Dutch and Belgian clubs in attack and the older but home-based guys in the back. 
A draw would leave both in the race, but especially Burkina Faso with only slim chances. 
If Burkina Faso loses, they will be formally eliminated. 
If Zambia does not win, Egypt will be formally qualified for next round. 
> Egypt - Zambia match report 
> Burkina Faso - Senegal match report 
Egypt  2 3-0 6
Senegal 2 3-2 3
Burkina Faso 1 1-3 0
Zambia  1 0-2 0

Zambia: 1-Davies Phiri; 2-Laughter Chilembi, 3-Elijah Litana, 4-Moses Sichone, 5-Elija Tana, 8-Mannaseh Mwanza, 10-Dennis Lota, 11-Kalusha Bwalya, 12-Andrew Tembo, 17-Andrew Sinkala, 21-Bernard Makufi 
Burkina Faso: 4-Issa Sanogo; 5-Maadou Dossama, 6-Brahima Korbeogo, 7-Ismael Koudou, 10-Mamadou Zongo, 11-Ousmane Sanou, 13-Jean-Michel Liade Gnonka, 15-Ousmane Traore, 17-Amadou Tidiane Fall, 20-Mamadou Kere, 22 Abdoulaye Soulama 
1st half 
the match starts with attacks from both, but without any goal scenes
-('15) Zambia: Kalusha Bwalya free kick on the head of the unmarked Sichone, keeper deflects for a corner
-('15) the corner lands on the head of a Zambian player and from there in dierection to the goal, there is Denis Lota with the back to it and scores by a overhead kick from difficult angle  - 1:0
-('20) BFA: solo run  by #7 Koudou but his shot across the bar
-('26) Zambia: Sinkala shovels in a cross and Bwalya missels close with his dangerous header
-('27) BFA: Zongo is conspicious with some runs but the Zambian defence recollects in time
-('28) BFA: an early substitution
-('29) BFA: a dangerous Zongo freekick bounces in front of the goalkeeper, rebounds from his hands, but two Burkinabé players cannot grasp the opportunity
-('31) Zambia: a one-two by Sinkala and Lota, but Sinkalas shot is too soft
Especially the Burkinabé run too long with the ball. That makes it easy for defenders to close up spaces
-('37) BFA: Zongo's free kick off target
-('40) BFA: Some back and forth high balls in and out the Zambian penalty area, then a sudden 18 meter (20 yards) shot by a Burkinabé player, saved by the Zambian keeper
-('42) Zambia: Kalusha Bwalya free kick, low shot from left corner of the penalty area, is saved by the keeper
-('44) BFA: big opportunity, striker moves out the keeper but Sichone kicks the ball away
-('45) opportunities on both sides as the match opens up
-('injury time) 18 meter free kick for Burkina Faso: Ousmane Sanou around the wall but wide

Halftime - 1:0 
A increasingly entertaining match with the superior team in Zambia. But Burkina Faso is threatening the goal as well.

you want to know where the Zambian players play?
you can't remember the Burkinabé champions of 1997?
the author has just informed me that the new African Yearbook 2000 is out now 

2nd half 
the match continues being entertaining with some half chances
-('55) Zambia: Kalusha Bwalya hits the crossbar with a freekick - goalkeeper without chance
On the burkinabé attacks the Zambian defenders accomplish to put the foot in at the öast moments. The Zambian attacks come a little more closer
-('65) Zambians want a penalty when Lota is brought down in the box. It is difficult to see whether Korbeogo has touched the ball as well
-('68) BFA: slim opportunity for Burkina Faso
-('72) Zambia: The probably injured Lota is substituted
-('75) Zambia: #3 Litana, strong defender up to here, sees the red card (2nd yellow?) after a he fouls a broken through player on the left wing of the Burkinabé counter attack
-('81) Zambia: Tembo, who is also already booked, escapes with a foul
-('85) BFA: Oumar Barro is unlucky on a solo run
-('88) BFA: a distance attempt with power but off target
-('90) BFA: brilliantly set up  last moment goal - a stunning backheel pass by #7 Koudou to substitute #9 Quedraogo sets him up free way to goal and he scores 1:1
-('injury time) Burkina Faso try to go for the winner

Final result 1:1 
Everything seemed clear, Burkina Faso eliminated. But a last moment ingenuity saed them a slim chance for the last match when they will have to beat Egypt and hope for the outcome of the other match.
Zambia playd solid but did not manage to score a second goal. They will have to beat Senegal to advance and hope that the Egyptians do not play it too casually against Burkina Faso.
Egypt is definitively qualified for the quarter finals now
Egypt  2 3-0 6
Senegal 2 3-2 3
Burkina Faso 2 2-4 1
Zambia  2 1-3 1

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