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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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3rd place
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parallel third matches
Egypt-Burkina Faso and Zambia-Senegal 

Before the two matches, which will be played at the same time in two different locations 
Egypt: Solid performance yet. They are already in the quarter finals. With a draw they secure first place. Otherwise they'll depend on the outcome of the other match. 
Burkina Faso: Talented but with weaknesses. They will have to win and hope that Zambia wins as well, but not with a higher margin. Or they will have to win by three (or four) goals in case of a Zambia-Senegal draw. Even a deadlock is possible: BFA wins 1:0, Zambia wins 2:1. 
Senegal: Nice performance yet. If they win, they will be in the quarter-finals. If they draw, they will have to wait for the (exact) outcome of the other match (Burkina Faso needs to win by three and score more goals, or to win by four). 
Zambia: Quite solid, but in productivity, inspiration, and passing game a bit disappointing. The consequence: Only one goal yet. They will have to beat Senegal and hope for that Burkina Faso is having a result which is one goal worse. 
Egypt  2 3-0 6
Senegal 2 3-2 3
Burkina Faso 2 2-4 1
Zambia  2 1-3 1
 > match reports on the 4 matches played yet 
Egypt-Burkina Faso, 1st half 
-('3) The Burkinbé in trouble the first time 
-('9) Burkinabé rescue against Hossam Hassan 
-('10) BFA: Mamadou Zongo sets up Koudou who scores by a sharp diagonal shot into the corner - 0:1 
-('15) BFA: Huge opportunity after corner, but the header from close distance bounces from the ground across the bar 
The Burkinabé are fired up by the goal 
-('24) BFA: long ball on Sanou, who curves around two defenders and scopres into the net - 0:2 
Egypt now with some opportunities 
-('29) Keeper denies Hosny a goal and following corner brings another opportunity for Egypt 
-('30) crossball from the left, Hosny is unmarked at the second goalpost and heads it in - 1:2 
Burkina Faso had let down and Egypt geared up - the goal was logical. 
('39) Egypt: Superb one touch triangle attack when Hazem Emam sets up a #17 Ahmed Hassan shot that misses close. 
-(41) BFA: two good scenes for BFA after a free kick 
-('42) BFA: huge opportunity for Koudou but his easy header misses the target close 
Zongo and Koudou most conspicious players for the Burkinabé yet. Egyptians improve their passing game. 

Egypt: 1-Nader El Sayed, 3-Mohamed Omara, 4-Hani Ramzi, 9-Hossam Hassan, 10-Abdelsattar Sabry, 12-Hossam Abdelmonaim,  14-Hazem Emam, 15-Ibrahim Said, 17-Ahmed Hassan, 19-Ahmed Salah Hosni, 20-Hady Khashaba .  
Burkina Faso: 4-Issa Sanogo, 5-Madou Dossama, 6-Brahima Korbeogo, 7-Ismael Koudou, 8-Mamadou Kone, 10-Mamadou Zongo, 11-Ousmane Sanou, 12-Brahima Traore, 15-Ousmane Traore, 20-Mamadou Kere, 22-Abdoulaye Soulama.  

Zambia - Senegal, 1st half 
-('2) first smaller opportunities on both sides 
A quick beginning, Senegal looks confident 
-('8) Zambia #8 misses close with a low shot 
-('11) Zambia now more dangerous 
-('12) Zambia Tembo misses close 
-('14) Senegal: nice volley after corner but wide 
-('29) Zambias #10 trips over the goalkeeper as he ran torwds the goal, but referee decides corner, what seems doubtful 
-('32) Zambia powerful and dangerous in the Senegal penalty area, but final shot is denied 
Since Senegals fast beginning, Zambia has meanwhile taken over the match. Senegal some dangerous with high balls. 
A number of corners for Zambia 

Zambia: 2-Laughter Chilembi, 4-Moses Sichone, 5-Elija Tana, 8-Mannaseh Mwanza, 10-Dennis Lota, 11-Kalusha Bwalya, 12-Andrew Tembo, 16-Emmanuel Mschili, 17-Andrew Sinkala, 20-Jones Mwewa, 21-Bernard Makufi.  
Senegal: 1-Oumar Diallo, 3-Oumar Traore, 4-Papa Malick Diop, 7-Henri Camara, 9-Assane Ndiaye, 10-Kalidou Faidga, 11-Salif Keita, 13-Ousmane Diop, 15-Pape Niokhor Fall, 16-Cheikh Sidy Ba, 17-Papa Sarr. 

Halftime:  Egypt - Burkina Faso 1:2  and  Zambia - Senegal 0:0 
Both matches lively, especially the Egypt-Burkina Faso. Everything still possible. Any goal could change the situation. At this moment Senegal is in the lead in the race for second place. One goal by Zambia and it would be Burkina Faso. But only if Egypt does not score another. Then it is Zambia. 
And a million more possibilities left for the second half...Stay connected
2nd half  Egypt-Burkina Faso
-('52) Egypt: it takes the Burkinabé keeper to deny Egypt a goal 
-('57) BFA wastes huge counter opportunity 
-('62) The Burkinabé pressure the goal, the Egyptians counter 
-('66) BFA with a lot of potential creating chances 
-('67) BFA with another dangerous counter attack but the Egyptian keeper alert, claims the ball 
-('70) 1:2 - At this point Burkina Faso needs two more goals or a Zambian score! 
The crowd is excited by the Burkinabé 
-('73) controverial hand penalty for Egypt - Hossam Hassan scores, but he had interrupted the execution what is not allowed. Either it was this or somebody running into the box early - the referee wants a repeat. 
-('74) the repetition looks similar but this time the referee does not object - Hossam Hassan scores, 2:2 
-('78) BFA: Brilliant run by #9 (substitute) Oudraougo, he sets up #12? who has all the goal but kicks from 6 meters across the bar. Looked as a must score. But as we have seen a lot of those scenes during the tournament, the ground might have played a role 
-('80) Egypt answers dangerously 
-('83) Egypt: Brilliant save by the Burkinabé keeper against a header after a fast combination by Egypt 
-('85) Egypt Hani Ramzi volleys a corner kick from 15 meters into the net, spectacular goal - 3:2 
-('86) Burkinabé keeper rescues again 
-('89) Burkinabé demoralised: a rare error by the Burkinabé keeper who lets a soft looking shot bounce and Abdel Halim #13 scores -4:2 
-('injury time) a last hello by BFA 
2nd half  Zambia - Senegal
-the match has now 5 minutes delay to the parallel one 
-('47) sharp distance shot, the ball bounces off the keeper and Henri Camera is all alone alerted and hunting the rebounding ball into the net - 0:1 
a lack of concentration of Zambia beginning the half that could become costly 
-('50) Zambia shocked, Senegal tries to decide the match 
-('52) Zambia scores by #2 who reaches with his foot for the cetered ball and deflects it over the keeper into the net from about 9 meters - 1:1 
-('55) free kick opportunity for Senegal, but shot far across the bar 
Zambia still with difficulties in containing the Sengalese 
('65) 1:1 - At this point Zambia needs two goals or one goal and an Egypt score! 
Zambians without any impact upfront 
-('79) Kalusha Bwalya hits the crossbar with a 25 meter freekick, the good keeper rescues against a player going for the rebounding ball 
-('82) through ball and #21 Mbaye, a tall and fast substitute scores against a defender and the keeper tiptoeing the ball into the corner - 1:2 
-('88) penalty: handball by a defender, what did not look intentional 
The keeper saves Kalushas shot, it bounces on the line and Kalusha heads it into the net - 2:2 
still two more minutes for Zambia to score a third goal which would carry them through 
('injury time) Kalusha Bwalya and Dennis Lota create some last excitement. Senegal accomplishes to keep the game far away from their goal. 
Final results:  Egypt - Burkina Faso 4:2  and  Zambia - Senegal 2:2 
Burkina Faso put up a brave fight, led 2:0, but came out with nothing but sympathies. The hand penalty broke their neck. Egypt secured first place, had problems in defence against the inspired West Africans, and put up some nice attacks themselves. 
Zambia proved themselves as too weak, lacking inspiration and impact. They could not beat Senegal, who had another fine performance. But they do not really look like a team on the same level as the big ones they will face now. You never know... 
Egypt  3 7-2 9
Senegal 3 5-4 4
Zambia 3 3-5 2
Burkina Faso  3 4-8 1

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