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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Egypt - Senegal 

Before the match 
Both won their first match and, depending on the outcome of the Zambia-Burkina Faso match, a winner here could already be qualified for the quarterfinals. Egypt looked like a tough nut to crack in their defence with some weapons to score, but not yet brilliant.  
Senegal won their first match by a well-balanced performance but this match could be different: Against Burkina Faso, Senegal were able to rely on counter attacks, because of the early lead. Egypt themselves play out of a strong defence and will be a completely different character of opponent. 
> Egypt - Zambia match report 
> Burkina Faso - Senegal match report 
Senegal  1 3-1 3
Egypt 1 2-0 3
Burkina Faso 1 1-3 0
Zambia  1 0-2 0

Egypt: 1-Nader El Sayed; 2-Ibrahim Hassan, 3-Mohamed Omara, 5- Abdelzaher El Saqqa, 8-Yasser Radwan, 9-Hossam Hassan, 11-Tarek Al Said, 15-Ibrahim Said, 19-Ahmed Salah Hosni, 20-Hady Khashaba, 21- Ayman Abdelaziz  
Senegal: 1-Oumar Diallo; 2-Omar Daf, 4-Papa Malick Diop, 7- Henri Camara, 9-Assane Ndiaye, 10-Kalidou Faidga, 13-Ousmane Diop, 15-Pape Niokhor Fall, 16-Cheikh Sidy Ba, 17-Papa Sarr, 20-Fary Faye 
Referee: Petros Mathabela (RSA) 
Ass. Ref.: Justice Yeboah (GHA) & Pequenino Domingos (MOZ) 
Reserve referee: Codja Coffi (BEN) 

1st half 
-('14) Egypt: Good opportunity for Egypt outnumbering the defence, but Omara does not deliver the lethal pass 
Egypt has more pall posession, spreads the field, Senegal with some individual dynamic runs through midlifield (f.e. Fadiga) which get easily stopped by the organised Egyptian defence. 
-(19) Egypt: Yasser Radwan with one of his rockets tests the Senegalese keeper 
-('27) Egypt: #19 Hosni is substituted early (prbably injury) 
-('27) Senegal: has become a littlle dangerous now 
Senegal is now dominating the match a little, the crowd enjoys when they display their ball techniiques  
-('38) Egypt: offside trap fails, Hossam Hassan alone from a bit difficult angle just tries to shoot hard and targets exactly the keeper 
-('39) Egypt: spectacular header by Hossam Hassan after a cross from the left by Omara, the ball bounces off the right goal post into the goal - 1:0 
-('43) a minutes long confusion on the field around the referee who is taking down a lot of things in his notebook, perharps concerning the Senegalese bench, but situation remains unclear 
-('injury time) missed opportunity after corner when El Saqqa unleashes a dangerous header across the bar 

Halftime - 1:0 
Senegal has had some good periods in the first half, but has not had a clear-cut chance. Egypt with the conspicious Omara and Radwan then went ahead by Hossam Hassa who rebounded from a wasted opportunity a minute before. It will be tough to score for Senegal, but not impossible. 

It will be a long nicht, have a break, revive some other senses...  ... 

2nd Half 
Sengegal attacks but can't get any clear opportunities, Egypts trying to counter with long balls but is not dangerous either. A match without clear chances until:
('76) Senegal: Henri Camara brilliantly sets up substitute #3 but the Egyptian keeper is able to make his first real save 
-('89) Senegal: Two huge opportunities but again the keeper saves 
-('90) Senegal: again dangerous, Camera hits the outside of the net - suddenly the match is exciting 
Senegal substitute #3 Traoré has brought some fire into the match 

Final Result - 1:0 
Egypt dominated the match with their defence, but suddenly in the final 5 minutes came into heavy difficulties. They did not have a single opportunity during the second half, Senegal had only few more.
If Burkina Faso does not beat Zambia, Egypt will be formally qualified for the quarterfinals already before their third group match.
Egypt  2 3-0 6
Senegal 2 3-2 3
Burkina Faso 1 1-3 0
Zambia  1 0-2 0

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