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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Algeria - Gabon 

Before the match 
Algeria in a good mood after their goalless draw against the DR Congo, which saw them with a little advantage on the pitch. A win over Gabon would bring them into a good position to reach the quarter finals. But they have yet to score, one of their problems, especially against better teams. 
Gabon is some Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde team: 20 minutes they excited the crowd against the South Africans, but after they had scored the lead, there was nothing to see by them at all. If they can get into a rhythm, they will be exciting. Otherwise they might look as being playing at the wrong level. 
A kind of hype has been staged around the presence of the 16-year old Nzigou, a striker based with FC Nantes (France), looking older, and scoring the only Gabon goal so far. 
South Africa already qualified for quarter-finals. 
If Gabon loses, they will be formally eliminated. 
> South Africa - Gabon match report 
> DR Congo - Algeria match report 
South Africa 2 4-1 6
Algeria  1 0-0 1
DR Congo  2 0-1 1
Gabon 1 1-3 0

Algeria: 1-Abdesslam Benabdellah, 2-Maamar Mamouni, 3-Abdelaziz Benhamlat, 4-Rezki Amrouche, 20-Mahieddine Meftah, 7-Nasreddine Kraouche, 8-Billel Dziri, 9-Farid Ghazi, 18-Moussa Saib, 10-Abdelhafid Tasfaout, 11-Fawzi Moussouni. 
Gabon: 16-Germain Mendome, 4-Jean-Martin Mouloungui, 5-Guy-Roger Nzeng, 6-Thierry Mouyouma, 11-Francois Amegasse, 15-Eric Endo, 10-Jonas Ogandaga, 12-Chiva Nzigou, 14-Chantry Mvie Nguema, 7-Theodore Nzue Nguema, 9-Daniel Cousin. Referee: Isaack Abdulkadir (Tanzania) 
1st half
-('4) Algeria: An error by the Gabones keeper almost sets up Algeria scoring
match starts with Gabonese attacking and fast Algerian counter play. 
Algerians make the ball circle around fast, technically skilful and each player with a good overall view of the field.
-('13) long ball out of the Algerian half, #9 Ghazi runs on the left side down to the ground line, unleashes a low shot towards the middle. Whether he wants to set up somebody remains unclear but to the surprise of everybody the ball goes into the goal (the range had been about 16 meters, the angle to the ground line 1m - 1:0
-('28) Gabon: red card for #15 Endo for a quite wild attempt to challenge Dziri - it looked a bit harsh as the referee had given no warning before
-('32) Nzigou has to be substituted to make way for a defender (because of the sending off)
-('36) Algerians are four against two on a counter attack but a technical error by Moussa Saib spoils the opportunity
Gabon, down to 10 men, continues to  attack
-('42) this time the counter attack is successful: #7 Kraouche attracts the attention of three defenders, the ball comes off diagonal to the right from where Tasfaout scores with a shot into the left corner - 2:0
-('44) Gabon: spectacular opportunity for #4 Mouloungui
-('injury time) Algeria almost strikes a third but Ghazi's dangerous shot from the edge of the penalty box is saved by the keeper

Halftime - 2:0
Gabon with too many weaknesses to exploit by a smart team as Algeria is. They have 45 inutes to accomplish the impossible: make a draw or win out of a two goal deficit. Otherwise they are out.
Algeria could seek for a score margin here, as it might come down to goal difference with DR Congo after the last match.

you want to know where George Weah played 1993?
how many goals Joel Tiehi scored at the 1998 Nations Cup and which shirt number he was wearing?
you wonder whether Chad has played any matches recently and who played for them?
the author has just informed me that the new African Yearbook 2000 is out now

2nd half
-('56) first clear chance for Algeria in second half,  good save against diagonal Moussouni shot
yellow for Dziri, unclear, the referee is a little bit a suspect to seeking the spotlight under the eyes of CAF president Issa Hayatou, who attends the match (see red card)
-('60) almost a chance for Gabon, but offside
-('68) Algeria: Ghazi finishes off a promising attack with a shot direct on the goalkeeper. More had been possible.
some rough challenges in the foreground
-('80) Algeria: distance attempt by #3 wide
Nguema has tried a lot of brave soloruns during the game but always ends up outnumbered
-('88) Algeria: Dziri and Tasfaout blow another opportunity
The Algerian defence is losing concentration, too
('injury time) Gabon: #13 header after a ball in from the right hand side, no chance for the keeper - 2:1
('injury time) Algeria tries to strike back - and indeed a solo effort of Dziri makes it 3:1, a shot from 16 meters.

Final result - 3:1
A rather disappointing second half apart from injury time: Gabon wanted but coudn't until Algeria got so unconcentrated in the end. And Algeria wasted the opportnity and played full power only after the consolation goal.
Gabon is formally eliminated.
South Africa 2 4-1 6
Algeria  2 3-1 4
DR Congo  2 0-1 1
Gabon 2 2-6 0

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