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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET   African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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Ghana - Togo  2 : 0

Before the match:  
Ghana  1 1-1 1
Cameroon  1 1-1 1
Côte d'Ivoire  1 1-1 1
Togo  1 1-1 1
Everything is open in this group as both matches played have ended in a draw. Despite a nervous start in the match against Cameroon, Ghana accomplished to draw and is still in a good position to reach the quarter-finals.  
> see match-report Ghana - Cameroon 
Togo surprised in their first match against a disappointing Ivorian side, but only this match will show how strong the side really is. 
> see match-report Côte d'Ivoire - Togo 
In 1998, two years ago at the Nations Cup at Burkina Faso, the same match had already taken place. It was also the second group match then: Ghana dominated but Togo won. 
> see the 1998 match-report  

C.A.F. match stats: 
GHANA: 1-Richard Kingston, 2-Eben Dugbarty, 4-Samuel Kuffour, 15-Samuel Johnson, 8-Mark Edusei; 20-Otto Addo, 21-Alex Nyarko, 14-Christian Gyan, 10-Charles Akonnor; 9-Kwame Ayew, 7- Yaw Preko
TOGO: 16-Kossi Agassa; 4-Massamesso Tchangai, 7-Tadjou Salou, 5-Yaovi Abalou, 3-Yao Senaya; 13-Komlan Assignon, 14- Franck Atsou, 8-Lantame Ouadja, 10-Maman Sherif Toure; 17- Abdelkader Coubadja, 9-Koffi Fiawoo

Scorers: Kwame Ayew 28, Otto Addo 37 
Referee: Al Arjoune (MOR)
Ass. Referees: Ali Yomusangue (UGA) & Palomo Claro (PHI)
Reserve referee: Tessema Hailemalak (ETH)
Ghana: Eben Dugbarty (21 & 65=expulsion), Alex Nyarko 41
Togo: Senaya Yao 21, Assignon 29, Abala Yaovi

The Shot Live Ticker
1st half: 
-The match has started  
-('2) Ghana: Otto Addo is already fouled at his first dribbling 
-('4) Togo: Cherif Maman Touré has the first ball contact in the Ghana half, Togo begin carefully and slow, like in their first match 
-('17) Ghana: First goal scene when #7 Yaw Preko fires a sharp ball from the right into the middle but a defender puts his head in. After the consequenting corner a distance shot is no problem for the Togolese goalkeeper. 
-('23) Ghana: A generous free kick in favour of Preko at the right corner of the penalty area but Akonnors lob is no problem for the keeper 
Ghana tries to play some fast 1-touch passing sequences but they are a bit inaccurate 
The match is nice to watch until here, quite error-free, but no clear goal scenes either 
-('28) Suddenly: Ghana's Kwame Ayew 18 meters in front of the goal, receives the ball with the back to it, feels the defender is not well positioned behind him, turns fast and fires. He surprises the Togolese keeper with the sharp shot. He touches it but it hops into the corner of the net - 1:0 
-('33) Togo: #9 Koffi Fiawoo from half left hits the outside of the net 
-('36) Ghana: A good attack ends with a rather harmless shot by Otto Addo 
-(''38) Ghana: An error in the Togolese defence sets Otto Addo free with the ball 24 meters to the goal. He moves out the goalkeeper and scores into the empty goal. - 2:0 
Otto Addo, who grew up in Germany, rather unknown at Ghana before the tournament, is now one of the fans favorite. 
-('41) Ghana: Gyan casually squanders the ball, the Togolese player is fouled and Akunnor receives a yellow card for protesting. 
-('45) A half chance for Togo when the Ghana keeper not quite successfully sails for the ball after a corner, but the header is too weak.

Halftime - 2:0
A sudden explosion of Kwame Ayew has made the difference in a match of carefully beginning sides. Now Ghana looks confident although Togo has not given up. But now lured out of their shell their defence and build up looks more vulnurable. 

verify the Ghana tournament preview - is this team different? - will today be the first match at Nations Cup final tournaments since 1982 in which Ghana scores more than 2 goals?  

2nd half: 
-('47) Ghana: #2 Dugbarty makes clear with a 20 m shot, that Ghana does not want to repeat the Ivorian mistake of letting down after their lead. 
-('49) Ghana: Addo dribbles, - Ayew passes to Akunnor - and then it's again Dugbarty who kicks across the bar this time - he seems to surprise Togo on the left side now 
-('51) Ghana: Addo takes the ball away from Cherif Maman Touré, a through ball to Ayew, who is stopped in the last second 
Ghana dominates completely at this point 
-('54) Ghana: Akunnors low free kick is saved by the goalkeeper without much problems 
-('54) Ghana: This time Akunnor does it better out of the game: A 25 meter granade is hitting the goalpost, keeper might have touched the ball with his fingertips 
-('56) Togo plays out the underpopulated Ghana defence but is dennied a score eventually thanks to some inaccuracy and the keeper who comes out in time 
-('58) Ghana: Johnsons 30 meter free kick is no problem for the keeper but shows distance attempts could become dangerous on this ground 
-('61) Ghana: continues to pressure the Togolese goal with medium and long rage missiles 
-('63) Ghana counter attack: Addo sets up Ayew but his shot way across the bar 
-('65) Ghana: Akunnor sends Ayew, he's stopped but the loose ball finds Preko who fires a wild shot across the bar instead of playing it cool 
-(66) first sending off in the 9th match of tournament: a second caution against Ghana #2 Dugmarty means he has to go 
-('68) Ghana: An ugly looking scene when Nyarko is hit by the head of an opponent and carried off - he returns quickly 
-('75) Ghana: The attentive keeper Richard Kingston is out in time. The next minute he can put on a good-looking save but the attacker had been offside anyway 
Togolese have started playing a bit rough and Ghana, outnumbered is not dangerous anymore. Goal difference might play a vital role in their last group match. 
-('79) Ghana This time it is Gyan who is treated for injury, this means again 9 vs 11 for some seconds, substitute #3 E.Kuffour (who replaced Preko short before) relieves the defence with a fine solo run that brings a corner 
In the last minutes Ghana defence looks a bit unprepared for a higher number of Togolese players trying to attack now, but no major chances are created until: 
-('injury time) Togo: a tricky ball from the right goes over the head of the Ghanaian keeper, bounces parallel to the goalline and does no harm 
-('injury time) Togo: another dangerous scene after a high ball into the penalty area

Final result - 2:0
Ghana completely dominated the match. But after the sending off they could not continue their rout of the Togolese defence. In the final minutes they lost some concentration. Togo disappointed nevertheless, Ghana improved. It had been already clear before the game, that because of the mathematics no decision in this group is made before the third match. 
Ghana  2 3-1 4
Cameroon  1 1-1 1
Côte d'Ivoire  1 1-1 1
Togo  2 1-3 1

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