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THE SHOT THAT PASSED RIGHT THROUGH THE NET    African Cup Of Nations 2000  JAN 22 - FEB 13  Nigeria/Ghana 
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3rd place
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3rd place playoff: South Africa - Tunisia 2:2, penalties 4:3

Before the match 
At Burkina Faso 98, the 3rd place play-off had been a highlight of the tournament 
why? read here 

1st half 
There have been some technichal difficulties: 
-it is 1:0 after 23 minutes, a Shaun Bartlett goal in the 11th minute 
-('27) a huge blunder in the South African defence, and Zitouni left all alone with goal and keeper scores - 1:1 
-it looks to be one of those 3rd place matches which are played in good atmospphere with a more lenient approach twoards defensive behaviour, more space and scoring opportunities 
-('40) 25 meter free kick for South Africa - into the wall 
-('44) Kanzari tries it from 40 meters but balloons the ball into the air 
-('injur time) Bartlett nicely controls a cross ball but then fires it wide 

Halftime 1:1 

2nd half 
-('49) nice attack by South Africa, but only corner 
-('51) now it is Tunisia, but the match has only half chances 
both teams seem to have fielded most of their regular players, Nomvete who has been on the bench has just come in, Bapela has collected his obligatory yellow card. The match is totally fair anyway. 
-('62) brilliant Nomvete takes a loose ball, slaloms into the penalty area and scores from close range - 2:1 
-('63) Zitouni tries to answer but is inaccurate 
-('69) huge looking opportunity for Tunisia after corner, but they can't get the loose ball on target 
-('73) Bartlett is a bit unconcentrated on a counter opportunity 
-('74) Tunisia plays it much better on the return but a header crashes agianst the goalpost 
-('75) South African defence does not look good at a corner 
-('76) Tunisians really want the equaliser now 
-('76) Tunisia: another header after a corner, but the ball goes wide 
-('80) South Africans threat on a counter-attack, but Tunisian defenders throw themselves in the way 
-('81) Tunisia: Jaziri with a  great move makes a defender go for a blatant tackle in the penalty area: a clear penalty: 
-('82) this time it is Khaled Badra who can't score under the pressure of having to (remember the Congo match). He hesitates and Arendse is already 1 meter out and wins the guessing, saves easily 
-('84) another opportunity for Tunisia after a corner, on the counter-attack the fast Nomvete is stopped at the last moment 
the match has accelerated in the second half, both teams want to win for sure  
-('89) Tunisia twice again but Arendse remains cool 
-('injury time) a ball into the penalty area from the left (by #7 ?), the ball bounces on th ground, Arendse wants to come out, but hesistates and falls and Zitouni heads it over the keeper into the goal - 2:2 

traditionally no extra-time in a 3rd place play-off: 
penalty shoot-out: 
Tunisia  is to begin: 
Tunisia South Africa
across the bar* wide right*
Arendse saves* 0:1 Mkhalele
1:1 Gabsi 1:2 Tinkler
2:2 Boukadida across the bar*
3:2 Badra! (has to repeat and scores again) 3:3 Moshoeu
5 penalties shot, the show must go on, now one by one 
Tunisia South Africa
Arendse saves* 3:4 Bampela
South Africa wins penalties 4:3, match over 

*players names who do not score in penalty shoot outs do not get named by The Shot That passed Right Through the Net, as this kind of competition is unfair to the players who are willing to take the responsibility 

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