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The African Champions League 2001
Semifinal 2nd leg match report
Petro Atletico - Mamelodi Sundowns

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African Champions League 2001
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Nov 11 1430 GMT
Petro Atletico (Angola) - Sundowns (South Africa) 2:0, pen.:4:5 (1st leg 0:2) 

1st half 
-1:0 ('24) a defender deflects a cross that had become bouncing on the uneven ground towrds his own goal, the keeper can save but the ball is loose and a striker (#8) seizes the opportunity and gives the ball a final push across the line - 1:0
-the goal is immediately followed by more chances for the upbeat Angolans against a nervous looking  South African defence. After a few minutes the South Africans retain composure.
-('36) A Petro Atletico free kick bounces wide only by centimers
-the Angolans obviously do not want to expose their defence to possible dangerous counter attacks. When Sundowns attack with few players they face a superior number of defenders.
halftime 1:0

2nd half 
-('47) A dangerous free kick cross from the left is curved in by #8 with his right foot. A striker who wants to head it misses it but irritates the keeper (who is looking into the sun facing the cross) so that it can bend untouched into the corner at the second goal post - 2:0
-the Angolans keep attacking, the momentum on their side, and work out more half chances
-('61) two big opportunities for the Angolans, one well defended, one wide after a defender had missed a cross seemingly again because of the ball bouncing inpredictable on the ground
-Petro Atletico look now very good with their fluent passing game and work out more chances 
-('78) the latest chance is a solorun by Zico who has come on as substitute and fires wide eventually
-the Angolans are also well in one against on situations, especially when intercepting the Sundowns attacking attempts
-this leads to successive attacking waves by the hosts because the South Africans cannot shift the action into the Angolan half
-('82) spectacular save by the Sundowns keeper against an attempt from about  three meter distance, followed by a scene in the aftermath what could have been a foul
-('83) Sundowns with an immediate rare counter attack ending in the hands of Lama, the Petro Atletico keeper
-('84) keepers on both sides have to intervene as the game breaks open
-('88)('89) big opportunities on both sides - Sundowns have emancipated themselves in the final minutes of the match
-('90+3) second yellow card for a Sundowns player for time wasting

final score 2:0
the match is over, the teams tied by an aggregated score of 2:2, a penalty shoot out will have to decide

penalty Sundowns (shoot first) Petro Atletico (second)
#1 goal saved
#2 goal goal
#3 goal goal
#4 goalpost->goal goal
#5 goal
Sundowns win penalty shoot out by 5:4
A great Angolan team of petro Atletico, clearly the revelation of this years Champions League are thrown out of the competition thanks to one of their weaker matches, the first leg two weeks ago when they did not attack enough themselves and conceived a late second goal as punishment.
The final will be between Mamelodi Sundowns and Al Ahly Cairo
Ironically the format change will be 'rewarded' immediately by a final which could not have taken place a year ago: the meeting of the two runners up of the group stage. Evidence how close together good luck and tough luck are in football, winning and losing
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