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 The African Champions League 2000
  GROUP A match report
 Mamelodi Sundowns - Espérance Tunis
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African Champions League 2000
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Sundowns: Esperance Tunis: 
Saturday Oct 14, 1300 GMT
Sundowns (South Africa) - Esperance Tunis (Tunisia) 2:0

1st half:
-Esperance with Reinaldo and Julius Aghahowa
-only few chances and a quite slow careful match in the sun for both but a match on a good standard as too many chances often com from poor defending as well
-('13) a goal for Sundowns after a free kick but disallowed because of offside
-('15) Esperance answer with a Reinaldo header wide
-('30) Daniel Mudau, the Sundwons captain finsishes off a fine architectered Sundowns attack which featured a low pass into the middle from the left wing against the run of defenders with a direct shot from 13 meters into the triangle. El Ouaer can touch it but he can not deflect it decisively- 1:0
-Esperance gear up and have several chances in the following, among them a Gabsi header from close range, which is saved (exact data gone lost, windows breakdown), but cannot score

halftime 1:0

2nd half:
-Esperance keeps up the pressure and Sundowns counter:
-(''52) El Ouaer can steal the ball from the foot of a broken through player (Mudau?) in a one against keeper situation, some seconds later he is lucky when a low shot misses only by a close margin
-Esperance keep attacking but the Sundowns counter attack are played sophisticatedly and dangerous, it seems only a quaestion of time and...
-('62) a cross from the left and a header by Daniel Mudau - 2:0
-('62) Reinaldo answers with a shot that hits the outside of the net but wasn't that dangerous
-Sundowns display their skills and Esperance seem a bit demotivated for some time
-('83)('85) Esperance have rallied and attack again, the Sundowns keeper is in the focus with saves twice
-('injury time) Sundowns almost add a third, bbut hit the goal post from close range
-('injury time) counter attack by Esperance stopped by the keeper

final result 2:0
a good match, Sundowns (and theoretically Africa Sports, too) can now win the group without any help from others, Esperance has to hope, they lose 3 points somewhere in the remaining two matches

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